• COVID-19 made people need more body bag

    Conservation experts are saying that the trade in wildlife could be greatly cut after the coronavirus pandemic has finished. They say that the virus probably started at a market selling wild animals in China. The virus came from either a bat or an animal called a pangolin. It then crossed over to...
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  • COVID-19 made more people wearing the gown of isolation

    The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has made more people wearing the gown of isolation and their hands, Shijiazhuang tidy fashion co.ltd is producing the gown of isalation. The material is CPE. social media reports that more and more people wearing the isolation gown and are washing their hand...
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  • China-Switzerland FTA

    Our company specialized in various of raincoat and rain poncho in north China, our products are mainly exported to Switzerland. The China-Switzerland FTA, which has waived most tariffs on goods, came into effect in July 2014. Bilateral trade has increased significantly since the implementation of...
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